Carla V. ★★★★★


You will NEVER find anyone as amazing and creative as Mateo! It took me 36 years to be happy w my curly hair without having to constantly be doing something to it (flat ironing, blow drying, applying endless products) I can't explain how many times I have gone to stylist and left wanting to cry. Weeks after Mateo cut and colored my hair I was still txting him how happy I was with it. My cut and color is even better than what I asked for. I never thought I could have the look I wanted and Mateo made it happen for me. I have received so many compliments and have sent a couple of people his way just based on my color and cut!!! Mateo is SO knowledgeable and in tune to what you need or want. I can promise you will not go to anyone else for your hair once you leave his place.

VIENNA C. ★★★★★

vienna c.jpg

Today was my first time going to Virgo, and I am SO glad I went! Mateo is incredible! I have been trying to find a good curly hair stylist for mixed hair for years and I think my search is finally over. Mateo is really comfortable with curly hair and welcomes input as he goes along. He explained everything he was doing, so that I could understand and be a part of what was happening. The salon space is beautiful and Mateo's kind and friendly demeanor makes you feel comfortable and excited about the process. I love my new cut and will definitely be going back in the future!

Andria G. ★★★★★


I am so happy that I found Virgo! I will definitely be back. Mateo is an incredible stylist and a really lovely person. I was nervous going in because I've always felt a bit awkward sitting in a stylist's chair, but Mateo was warm and friendly and it was such a comfortable experience!
My hair is thick and wavy, so I was looking for someone who specialized in curlier hair types. I also had a lot of bleached blonde hair from where I had done an ombre look in the summer, and I was ready to get rid of it. Not only did I get an amazing cut, but the deep brunette color Mateo fixed up for me exceeded all of my expectations.
The salon itself is beautiful and private. Everything smells amazing. My appointment left me feeling happy and rejuvenated, and I love my new look!

TIANA F. ★★★★★


Today I went in for my second cut at Virgo, and it was, honestly, the first time in my life I was excited to go in for a hair cut. Mateo is so wonderful at what he does! 

Not only is he an a pro at curly and textured hair, he also creates an environment where you feel comfortable and in control of your cut. He does a great job of letting you know what your options are and getting your input as you go. 

Both times I've left his salon, I've been genuinely thrilled with my cut. He's is the real deal.

JOCELYN R. ★★★★★

I love coming here. My head feels so happy afterwards.  I have very fine, wavy hair.  Often it's flat, sometimes it's too dry, but products make it too heavy.  I had given up on styling it.  Then I found Jon Mateo.  He embraced my preferences: minimal effort, natural products, go with the flow of what the hair is doing that day.  He showed me a few effortless ways to style and air-dry that maximized my curl and volume.  He also has vast knowledge about products with natural ingredients that actually work well.  He shares samples and encouraged me to experiment and slowly grow my own connection with my hair.  So, I feel grateful and empowered.  And that meets a need of feeling beautiful in who I am and how to care for myself.  Virgo has a beautiful studio with great music and a newsletter with perks and tips.  It's a great resource and service.

Jacquie W. ★★★★★

Finally! A salon that specializes in not only curly hair, but also uses natural plant products! If you're a curly haired girl, you know this is too good to be true. But, it ain't!
The small studio has plenty of street parking, but they also offer parking behind their gate. Mateo is lovely and has a lot of experience with hair, and it shows! He was very sweet and easy to talk to. He never tried to push other services or persuade me to buy expensive products like other salons do.
Other salons wanted to charge me over $150 for a simple TRIM, but Virgo was MUCH more reasonable. I am recommending this place to all of my curly haired friends, and will never go anywhere else! ★★★★★

Zoe T. ★★★★★

Mateo is an angel. Its so hard to find someone who knows how to cut curly/textured hair, so when I find them I never want to let them go! 

He's very good at listening to what you want, making suggestions yet not forcing you to roll with them if you don't want to. The chair is much comfy, and his taste in music is absolute fire!

Elizabeth C. ★★★★★

I love My Virgo "Health Perm"!!!! I have thin, flat, stick straight hair that I've struggled with for my whole life. In the past, every time I tried to curl my hair, it would fall out after 30 minutes or so which is super frustrating . Virgo Salon was recommended to me by a coworker with very textured hair noting that they are great with transforming any natural texture into your desired wave or curl pattern using a healthy perm. With some apprehension, I gave it a shot and I'm SO glad that I did! I LOVE the results! My Hair looks completely natural - not stiff and wiry like one would expect from old-school perms.  I now have the volume and texture I've been after and my hair feels healthier and softer than when I walked in. Mateo, the stylist, took the time to figure out exactly what I was looking for and even recommended the best products (organic + Natural) to maintain my look! The space is super cute, comfy, PRIVATE and I'm definitely going back!

Charlotte B. ★★★★★


I had a such lovely experience with Matteo at Virgo! I'm relatively new to the area and have been anxious about finding a curly hair salon I trust, but Matteo put me right at ease! His studio is serene and incredibly calming, and he is super intent on helping you figure out what haircut YOU want. He was sensitive with my thoughts and concerns, and even grabbed his iPad to show me some photos of what he was thinking. He spent well over an hour on the haircut itself, and didn't rush through the wash and styling. I felt valued and like he really cared that I left happy and looking my best. Which I did! This is one of the best curly cuts I've ever had!

Andrea T. ★★★★★


I wish I would have found Virgo sooner! Mateo is the best. I loved everything about his place and the care he took. He really cared to get to know me, it's like we had been friends all along!
--I went to Mateo to get my roots retouched (btw, my natural hair color is black) I couldn't be any happier. I loved that he really took his time with my curly hair (which some stylists barely have patience for) and he used AMAZING products to make my curls flourish! And they smelled really good! 

OH! And his place is decorated so beautifully, it's sooo relaxing! Thank you so much Mateo! I'm sending positives vibes to your salon, I hope it keeps flourishing!

You're awesome, see you soon!

Eden T. ★★★★★


I highly highly recommend for anyone to come into Virgo and check Mateos amazing work !!! I am in love with the way my hair came out. He explained me to me the process of my hair goal I wanted. I had so many compliments on my hair and told them where I got it done. Mateo is one of the nicest people I met, we had great conversations and he also gave me so many tips and advice for my curly hair. The space was BEAUTIFUL ! And super peaceful. I love Virgo! I will be coming in very soon !!

Marientina G. ★★★★★

One of the reviewers stated that Mateo is an angel and they were absolutely right on! The salon itself is heavenly and one feels right at home immediately. Mateo will take care of everything for you and let you know what is happening along the way. He ordered a special color for me to make sure what I put on is extra gentle, went the extra mile with everything, and I left smelling amazing. The "oway" line of product is pricey but incredible. I could not resist walking away with something. His aura is soothing and he is meticulous. He also has such a soft touch with his hands that he could have been a surgeon. I will be back for sure!

Puja D. ★★★★★

This is FANTASTIC place for curly-haired girls. I have not been more satisfied with a hair salon before. Mateo's talent for textured hair is top-notch and his personality makes the experience even nicer. I got some very nice layers added to my hair and was recommended to get some long bangs since my hair length was ideal for the look. The bangs weren't even something I considered before and they look lovely! Mateo also makes sure that YOU'RE satisfied with the look before finishing up, happily touching-up anything you want attended. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair but him!

Susan R. ★★★★★

I've been going to Mateo for haircuts and highlights/lowlights for several years...I'd follow him anywhere!  He takes the time to listen and he makes great suggestions as he very precisely cuts and colors my hair.  He's never trying to rush, which is so relaxing, and the salon space is quiet and private.  I don't have curly hair as some of the other reviewers do, just fine wavy hair.  He's equally skilled in every type of hair and uses great products - everything smells and feels wonderful, especially his lovely shampoos!

Melissa P. ★★★★★

I absolutely LOVE this space. 
I am of Spanish/Malaysian decent and my hair is very fine and dark. 
I've had trouble finding the right stylist to listen to what I need. 
Mateo really took the time to hear me out and deliver a great stylish result. l didn't feel rushed in and out like I have at other salons.
The space has a Soooo Cute, trendy and has a very comfortable feeling to it. I was instantly relaxed when I saw the inside. 
Parking was easy, Close to downtown. 
Easy to get access into the building. 
The building is covered in plants. I loved it. 
The way my hair was cut and colored, I have so much more movement to it and It looks fuller.The color is so casual, i love it!  When I curl it, it still looks awesome. 
The smell of all the products they used, were like magic. 
My hair was soft, hydrated but had volume. 
My First time having that. 

I definitely will be returning soon, I have my eye on their Vegan Perm next!

Highly recommend this place.


Morgan C. ★★★★★


Just got home from my appointment with Mateo and I honestly couldn't be happier with the results. Everything about Virgo is magical! The ambiance is soothing and beautiful - think macrame hanging on the walls, crystals and beautiful hanging plants and can't forget all the little details that truly made this place a gem like the essential oil air diffusers, great music playing in the background and not to mention the super comfortable chair he has you sit in! Not only is Mateo super chill and friendly but he is a hair wizard! I came in for a cut/healthy perm ( I have super straight hair with bangs and this was my first perm) so I was a bit nervous. But, he new exactly what I wanted and my hair came out looking exactly like the inspiration photos I sent him. My curls look natural and my hair feels just as healthy as when I came in! Overall, probably the best hair experience I've ever had. Basically, book your appointment!

Suzanne J. ★★★★★

YESI love this place, love my hair. Relaxing space + a hairless dog. Plants, aromatherapy, cool magazines.

I came in looking for a perm and got exactly what I wanted. I have never looked better in silk robes and housecoats. I am committed to this perm lifestyle and am coming back when it falls flat.

Did not get a haircut w it because I was running short on time. Was rocking a grown out bowlcut when I came in-- so I ended up taking a little bit off the sides myself on my way to work-- because imagine the shape. But I knew that was probably going to happen and I am excellent at cutting my hair on the go.

Next time will be patient and get the perm + a cut. 

I am loving every second of this hair.


Meg B. ★★★★★


Two days ago, looking for a salon close to my home for a curly cut, I found Virgo Salon--I'm a Virgo, and I have curly hair! Must be fate! And it absolutely was. Mateo, who is kind and gentle and brilliant, gave me a great cut, and in talking about how I wanted to bring my grey through and get rid of my old faded color but not wanting to spend weeks being orange between treatments, he told me that the organic, plant-based products they used could do it in one day, and he happened to have an afternoon off two days hence. Thank you, Universe, for setting that up. After six hours of chatting and comfortable silence, I came out looking like the magical fairy queen I am inside--with NO DAMAGE to the curly locks. I never have to dye my hair again if I don't want to, and I LOVE it. People have been stopping me on the street to tell me how much they love my hair. 

I can't recommend Mateo highly enough, for curly hair and color. He is an artist. Seriously. He went through and separated the individual grey hairs from the brown, and you would never know my hair is colored. He told me after our epic afternoon that if I wanted a few more foils to let him know, and even though I never want to bother anyone, I was comfortable enough with Mateo that when I saw that there could be a little more grey in front, I asked for more. He was on the same page, and he carved out time for me the following evening to add some more grey in, and it's perfection. I can't pass a mirror without giggling. I also met a woman who was finishing up her cut and color on my way in, and Mateo did a beautiful job with hers as well, so it's not just me.

Christian Ona ★★★★★

i have medium length thick curly hair , and i showed the pic i always show when seeing a new stylist . usually , i expect it to be close to what i want , and id be happy with it .

at virgo , no joke , got the style i wanted , like , perfect .
-got rid of the thickness i didnt want in the back .
-got my man bun the size i wanted it ,
-got my hair looking good with it down .


Mary O. ★★★★★

Virgo is exactly what I was looking for in a salon. A quiet space with someone to guide me through a process of discovering my own personal hairstyle. I'm not very girly and therefore unable to articulate exactly what I want in a haircut. Mateo understood and asked thoughtful questions to facilitate a fabulous haircut. He also gave me plenty of styling tips and suggestions to care for my hair along the way. This was my best hair cut experience ever.

Tori P. ★★★★★

Virgo's ambience was very pleasant and calming. You sit in a leather chair with soft lighting and the perfect playlist. Mateo talked through my hair history with me and gave me multiple options for cut & color. My dry cut didn't take 15 minutes as it has in the past, he was extremely detailed throughout the entire process.  The wash and head massage were delightful. Mateo finished with a styling session, where he walked me through multiple options to style my hair on the go (my request). I look forward to coming back, possibly for a perm! Also, street parking was plentiful, too!

Dominique H ★★★★★


I'll never going anywhere else! Mateo is talented, intuitive, and all around lovely. Booking my appointment was so easy; I especially loved the detailed menu & that he asks you to submit photos of your current hair & the look you'd like to achieve with the appointment. His private space at the Lacy Street Lofts is beautiful & so cozy/ peaceful- I loved all the plants! When it came to the cut he knew exactly what I wanted and it turned out perfect! He uses all natural, cruelty free products too!! Thank you Mateo for such a great experience and of course, amazing haircut!

Jasmine W. ★★★★★

This may sound dramatic but I loved Mateo so much I wanted to cry. He is SO gentle and kind hearted, and a true artist! His approach to hair is not only brilliant but revolutionary. He's truly a hair genius with an understanding and passion for hair that I've never seen anyone else have. I am so happy to have discovered Mateo + Virgo and I look forward to watching it continue to flourish. It's a gem, Mateo is a gem and he will make sure you walk out his salon lookin and feelin like a gem!

EV M. ★★★★★

I've been a fan of Mateo's work for years. Not only is he extremely talented and professional but he also cares deeply about aesthetic, energy and overall experience. 

The location is easy to find/access, space is full of beautiful plants, the natural products smell incredible (literally everything used made my soul smile), and overall service is worth everything. 

My recent hair ritual was too cute.  I have wavy/curly fine hair and don't know anyone else who understands texture the way Mateo does. My hair is softer, has more volume and just looks more alive.

If you care about privacy, beautiful safe space/vibes and the use of natural/vegan products, you need to visit Virgo.

Jenny B. ★★★★★

i have naturally curly hair and have always had bad experiences with hair cuts, but I found Mateo and he knows what he's doing! I bought some hair extensions for my wedding and they were way too long and straight, I mostly wanted them for extra volume. Mateo curled the extensions to match my curl pattern and cut them to blend in seamlessly with my own hair. They looked exactly like my hair but fuller, I wore them in the rest of day I loved them so much. I went for my hair trial for the wedding and the stylist loved that the extensions were perfectly curled and ready to go. I will be back for sure for a haircut on my own hair, I can finally stop trimming it myself! Thanks Mateo!

Kate Z. ★★★★★

This was by far and beyond the best cut/salon experience I've ever had. It was clear from stepping into Mateo's studio that he has an amazing attention to detail and a strong understanding of aesthetics- my haircut definitely reflected that. I got a few inches cut and bangs and I couldn't be happier. He paid such deep attention and focus to both the dry and wet part of the cut, making adjustments specifically to my curl patterns- no other stylist will do this for you!!! He was very knowledgeable about the best curl products and answered all my questions about how to best style the cut in the future. Would highly recommend to anyone with wavy/curly hair, you will not be disappointed.

Dila D. ★★★★★

I’ve been seeing Mateo for a couple years now for my cuts and color - amazing! He gives the best haircuts! I love the privacy of the studio and he is very accommodating. Highly recommend!

Nancy M. ★★★★★

So glad I found Mateo! (And five minutes from where I live!) It was time for a new approach to my hair and through listening to my concerns, Mateo used his amazing artistic skills to add volume and style, along with an explanation of the choices I'll have growing it out or maintaining it as is. When you find someone you trust with your hair, that's hugely meaningful and comforting!

Aluna H. ★★★★★

There's a reason I haven't let anyone else touch my hair since 2015. Mateo's passion for hair and especially wellness of the hair keep me coming back. From his keen attention to the very smallest detail in blending different hair colors to create dimension and compliment skin tone, to the actual health of the hair. He is always considering the bigger picture and only uses and recommends products benefiting the long term health of the hair. He even considers your personality and what might compliment your style or overpower it, yet always reaches the best final result possible. Throughout the process he always gives you options so that you have a say in the process but will give you his most honest opinion in the case that you are curious. 

I must also mention the new well presented space provides an unmatched private self-care experience free of that awkward feeling while in between at the hairdresser as well as free of uncomfortable salon chairs!

This custom color protective box braid style is by far my favorite so far and I look forward to the next fun style or color!

Thanks Mateo Jon!!

Mia C. ★★★★★


I love everything about this place. 
The Style, The Location, The Aromas!!! 
Had no idea a private salon could be this cool. 
What a hidden gem! 
All the plantas! I'm so into that right now. Defiantly on trend would summarize it. 

I wish I could come here everyday to get pampered. 

So after getting there, 
I got my usual haircut, Color and Extension tape-ins. 
I was nervous at first because I have seen some scary extensions out there. But mine came out so natural. I couldn't stop smiling as I saw my hair come together. 
Their Vegan color is super cool. Smells yummy. 
The less bad chemicals on or in my body, the better. 
Made my hair so shiny but not greasy looking.  
Matched my extensions perfectly. 
Im super excited about coming back for a touch up. 
Ask for Mateo. He will make you feel so beautiful. 
Thanks Virgo!!

Dilery C. ★★★★★

Virgo is absolutely amazing! For starters, the place itself is beautiful and relaxing. From the comfy leather chair I sat in, to the music and aromatherapy filling the air, it definitely sets itself apart from other places I've been to and gives off a welcoming, positive vibe. 

As for my hair. I am in LOVE with it! Mateo really understands how to work with curly hair. He asked about my hair routine, journey, and what i do/don't do. From there, he pretty much analyzed my hair and why it was the way it was, then went on to explain what he planned on doing and why he used certain products on my hair. Throughout the appointment, I also gained a lot of knowledge about my hair and what I could do to achieve the hair I want at home, which is definitely a plus! My hair feels healthier and bouncier! I can confidently say I found a curly hair sanctuary!

Even though this was my first time here, I genuinely felt at ease knowing my hair was in good hands. I loved every second of the experience. I HIGHLY recommend it to any curly hair folks out there! Definitely coming back!

Miranda K. ★★★★★

If you want to get your hair dyed and maintain its health, come here!! Mateo's the best, and he uses high quality products that won't ruin your hair even if you want to bleach it. I went from having dark dark brown hair to light blonde hair, and my hair's texture feels like I didn't even dye it!

Joshua M. ★★★★★

Mateo is definitely one of the coolest and chill people I've met. Great conversation, absolutely beautiful cut, and solid advice on my hair and scalp/roots. Will be coming back for sure!!

Cynthia C. ★★★★★

So my friend Mateo never fails me ! After giving birth and getting set into my new role as a busy New mom Juggling my full time job and still coming home to be a full time momma .. I have just not had time to do anything for MYSELF ! If u know me u know I was always doing my hair and nails , traveling and shopping well things have changed but I felt I would treat myself to a bday gift to myself (MY HAIR !) lol the little things can make u feel so much more alive and motivated to keep the sexy up for my own self ! Lol I love my new color and cut and so nice to have it done with top of the line plant based products ! I am always pleased with Mateo Jon and trust in him to do his magic ! The new space is so LA trendy with a spa relaxing vibe ! Love love love it and am so happy for you and your new project and space ! Here are some of my photos from today ! Treat yourself ladies and let him know I sent ya ! Xo I Love Virgo La

Sandra M. ★★★★★

Went to Virgo Salon over 3 weeks ago. I was ready to change the texture of my hair from flat to bouncy and curly. Mateo used his artistic skills and deep knowledge of hair and transformed my hair!!! My hair looks better after the healthy perm. It looks natural, lush and beautiful!!! I will definitely be returning. I received so many compliments from my coworkers and told everyone to visit Virgo Salon. Thank you so much Mateo.