As I mentioned, I have a bit of news:

First, I would like to send a BIG Thank You to everyone who supported the MateoJon Project over the past decade. Its been a beautiful experience with each and every one of you.  

But like all good things, MateoJon Hair has officially come to an end. 

Its been my great pleasure to help bring dreams, wants, goals and needs into fruition.  Many moments and memories I will treasure and hold dear in my heart. 

While everyone has been patiently waiting for me as I've been out recovering in private from an injury.  I've wasted no time and have been cooking upsome new magic for hair. 

With time to reflect on all the beauty we've created, I also had to revisit all the damage Ive seen other stylists do to clients hair. Many who've been referred to me for remedy, " Call Mateo, HE can fix it...".  Having much success to get people back on track with their beauty goals.  There had to be a better answer out there. 


WIth old technologies and dated approaches that no longer serve the us. I’m very excited to announce the birth of a whole new concept I will be part of, Virgo. 



Virgo is a new take on beauty. 

Inspired by my linage, 

Inspired by your needs and 

Inspired by sustainability. 



Virgo takes a new detailed approach to beauty rituals. 

With the  use inherited alchemy, plant based butters and biodynamic essential oils help fully lighten, color, relax, perm and treat the hair in a totally healthy new progressive way. Changing the way we do hair completely. 

Exclusively using Certified Fair-Trade Organic ingredients that are not only Cruelty Free, Biodegradable and Vegan. But most important, Helping reduce my carbon print on this earth.

Healthier planet, Healthier hair.  Learn More about VIRGO here

With this new phase approaching, It would be great to stay connected as we grow forward. 

Virgo officially launches November 1st to the public, but I’d like to offer a sneak peek with early access.

I hope you will continue this journey with me by signing up below! After you do, you will receive an email to confirm. After confirmation, you will receive a last email containing a special offer reserved only for my favorite clients!

Make sure to follow our new Facebook and Instagram links below for promotions, beauty tips, and other fun stuff.   


XO - Mateo.